Cooking Japanese Home Meal
With Sato


I’m your (future) cooking teacher, Sato! I teach Japanese home-style dishes for foreign visitors in Tokyo.
Comburger is the best private and personal cooking class you can find here in this metropolis. Are you into cooking Japanese food? Do you wanna feel more familiar with Japanese culture through cooking?
Not only can you learn Japanese traditional home cooking, but also about art, way of life, and just simply experience something deeper than your typical tourist adventures. You may feel very surprised by the variety of food that you will cook, but it will without a doubt deepen your understanding of Japan and its beautiful culture.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Please check my instagram account (cbg_tokyo)!
See you in Tokyo!



Morning class

10:30AM – 1PM
12,000JPY / person

Evening class

6PM – 8:30PM
12,000JPY / person

Optional Additions

Optional Short Trip
after Morning cooking class

1PM – 3PM
5,000JPY / person
***Sorry! You can’t book only short trip. It is an optional addition, following the morning cooking class!!!***

Alcohol during class
(beer or sake)

500JPY / one drink

Private class for a couple ※Best seller option!

6000JPY / a couple


What does
the name

Com in Vietnamese means rice while burger means well… hamburger! Comburger is a coined word that simply means rice burger, meshing together both parts of me that identity with the East and West. Comburger’s origins are of Japanese-East Asian fusion, influenced by western dishes created to express the diversity of multinational cuisines.