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Firstly, Cooking Japanese food is cooking through the seasons. We’ll cook with seasonal vegetables, starting off with the basics of the basics (or perhaps something more challenging for those with some experience)! Japanese people strongly believe that we can maintain our health through seasonal ingredients because they contain plenty of nutrients for your body!  Thanks to this, the average lifespan of Japanese people is quite long because of the tradition! Each dish is made with respect for other countries, respect for the seasons, and respect for the people who made the ingredients! Various meanings can be found in each of the ingredients in every plate, each repressing different aspects of Japanese culture!  I really want you to take what you learn here, whether it be the culture of the recipes, and share it at home or wherever you go next in the world!

★Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, 

Let’s cook a traditional home meal together!!!

Japanese set meal(rice, traditional soup, main dish, 2 more seasonal vegetable dishes), 

Take a look at the photos in the link following link below!

Sample photos 👉


★Wed, Thu, Fri,

Let’s cook Japanese popular home meal together!!!

Ramen/Gyoza,   Kara-age,   Okonomiyaki,  Yakisoba, curry rice(katsu curry rice),   Rice burger,  etc

Take a look at the photos in the link following link below!

Sample Photos 👉


★For vegetarian 🍅🍆🌽or gluten free→If you are vegetarian or gluten free, I can only accept reservations starting from 2 people(In this case, the class will be considered private), maximum 3 people (One-person lessons are not available).