sato will take a vacation from today:-)

Dear comburger fans

I won’t be in Japan from today to Nov 28th!

If you need to talk to me urgently, pls WhatsApp or gmail me!

My WhatsApp : +81 9093978944

Gmail :

Always 感謝 


The fees of comburger are going to be changed from August 4th, 2023!

Dear comburger fans

Thank you so much for your continuous support always!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! 

I have to inform you that the fees will be changed due to the rising cost of things such as raw materials and light and fuel expenses in Japan. As of Aug 4th, 2023, I will charge you at the new prices. The details are listed below!!

Current feeFrom 4th of Aug, 2023
Morning class (10:30AM-1PM) / Evening class (6PM-8:30PM)9,960JPY12,000JPY
Optional tour after lunch (1PM-3PM)4,560JPY5,000JPY
Alcohol / person  (beer or sake)500JPY500JPY
Private class for a couple
※This is a new option!!!!

Also, the homepage will be redesigned on the same day!!!

No matter what happens, comburger will continue to be the world best cooking class in the future as it is now!!! Thank you so much for your understanding!!! 


Vacation from July 7th – 14th!

Dear comburger fans

Hope you are having lovely summer days!!!

I just wanna announce that I’ll take a vacation from July 7th – 14th,

so if you need to talk to me urgently, pls WhatsApp or gmail me!


WhatsApp : +819093978944



Thank you always!!!


Thank you so much for coming to my class!!! You guys are all super amazing!!!

What a beautiful day!!! Thank you so much for waiting for 3 year to visit!!! You guys are so super amazing and lovely 💕😊❤️. I miss you guys so much!!!

Thank you so much for your kindness and 💕.Pls come back again:-)

Super wonderful family💕came from California 🇺🇸. I miss you guys so much!!!

You guys are love 🫶.

Happy happy day with super happy lovely couple🫶. I miss you guys so much:-)

Thank you so much for lovely morning! You guys are amazing 💕

Thank you so much for your kawaii smiles😊 and love💕.

You guys are so cute together:-) Let’s cook together again 💕.

Amazing guests from USA 🇺🇸. You guys are so fantastic! Pls come back here anytime:-)

Super kawaii guests came from Italy 🇮🇹. You guys are love ❤️.

Lovely couple from USA 🇺🇸.I’ll never forget you!!!

Dad and son, best friends for life:-)

Lovely lovely family visited my class💕. You guys are so amazing!

Thank you so much for coming all the way from Kuwait 🇰🇼. Let’s cook again someday!

Visit my class when you come to Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Arigatou gozaimashita😊. I’ll never forget your kindness!!! I miss you!
Super lovely couple from USA 🇺🇸. Let’s cook together again!!!
Lovely lovely came🌸. I can’t thank you enough!!! Plz come back again:-)
Unforgettable day with super gentlemen from Hong Kong🇭🇰!!! I miss you guys so much!!!
I miss you guys☺️.
I miss you guys😊. Let’s cook together again!
What a lovely smile 😊

comburger is always busy with so many beautiful smiles😊!

Super chef came:-)

Thank you so much for your beautiful smiles and kindness 😊😊😊

You guys are amazing!!! I’ll never forget your kindness😊.

Lovely family 💕 visited my class(gluten free class)

Master chef and his family came😊. Let’s cook together again!!!

When you are in Shinjuku, Tokyo, take my cooking class!!!

You guys are love❤️.
Beautiful evening with Best Father & Son from Switzerland 🇨🇭
Cutest couple came from Singapore 🇸🇬. Let’s cook together again:-)
I miss you guys so much💕
Lovely morning class with lovely couple from 🇫🇷 🇩🇪.
Super lovely family came💕(private class)
You guys are amazing 💕Let’s cook together again!
Your love 💕 makes me so happy😊
Lovely 💕 morning class with lovely couple:-)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! COMBURGER is a super happy place with so many lovely people as always!!! When you come to Shinjuku Tokyo, plz visit my class!!!I can’t wait to see you very soon!!!

Lovely lovely family cooking time❤️
Men’s cooking day:-)
So much fun with you❤️
Lovely lovely family came❤️(gluten-free vegetarian day)
Very kawaii couple making kawaii gyozas 🥟 in my class💕
Cute sister and brother came from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Thank you so much for coming after 3 years!!! I can’t thank you enough😊.
Thank you so much for visiting comburger all the way from Canada 🇨🇦🙂 I can’t thank you enough🫶
Lovely couple came from Poland 🇵🇱.
The cutest sisters came from 🇺🇸🙂
We made it🎉