July 26, 2023

The fees of comburger are going to be changed from August 4th, 2023!

Dear comburger fans

Thank you so much for your continuous support always!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! 

I have to inform you that the fees will be changed due to the rising cost of things such as raw materials and light and fuel expenses in Japan. As of Aug 4th, 2023, I will charge you at the new prices. The details are listed below!!

Current feeFrom 4th of Aug, 2023
Morning class (10:30AM-1PM) / Evening class (6PM-8:30PM)9,960JPY12,000JPY
Optional tour after lunch (1PM-3PM)4,560JPY5,000JPY
Alcohol / person  (beer or sake)500JPY500JPY
Private class for a couple
※This is a new option!!!!

Also, the homepage will be redesigned on the same day!!!

No matter what happens, comburger will continue to be the world best cooking class in the future as it is now!!! Thank you so much for your understanding!!!