It is comburger’s 6th birthday today:-)

Dear comburger’s fans

I hope all of you are having a lovey time in the beginning of 2022!!! Actually, it is comburger’s 6th birthday today!!! Without your love and support, comburger couldn’t have been so popular!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

During this pandemic, I haven’t done many classes, but I’ve received so many lovely messages from all over the world(You guys always make me cry and cheer me up! I can’t thank you enough!!!) In addition, lately, I’ve used my time more for baking which I’ve really wanted to master for a long time!!! Besides, I’ve studied wine lately!

I hope the gate of Japan will open for all of you and you will come back to my class this year!!! I pray everyday!!! Until we meet again, please take care of yourself!!! You don’t know how much I love you and miss you!!!

Have a fantastic new year with super yummy food and love!!!