HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! COMBURGER is a super happy place with so many lovely people as always!!! When you come to Shinjuku Tokyo, plz visit my class!!!I can’t wait to see you very soon!!!

Lovely lovely family cooking time❤️
Men’s cooking day:-)
So much fun with you❤️
Lovely lovely family came❤️(gluten-free vegetarian day)
Very kawaii couple making kawaii gyozas 🥟 in my class💕
Cute sister and brother came from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Thank you so much for coming after 3 years!!! I can’t thank you enough😊.
Thank you so much for visiting comburger all the way from Canada 🇨🇦🙂 I can’t thank you enough🫶
Lovely couple came from Poland 🇵🇱.
The cutest sisters came from 🇺🇸🙂
We made it🎉