I miss all of you!!! You can come to Tokyo soon!!! Let’s cook together!!! Can’t wait!!!

always wiz love❤️


It is comburger’s 6th birthday today:-)

Dear comburger’s fans

I hope all of you are having a lovey time in the beginning of 2022!!! Actually, it is comburger’s 6th birthday today!!! Without your love and support, comburger couldn’t have been so popular!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

During this pandemic, I haven’t done many classes, but I’ve received so many lovely messages from all over the world(You guys always make me cry and cheer me up! I can’t thank you enough!!!) In addition, lately, I’ve used my time more for baking which I’ve really wanted to master for a long time!!! Besides, I’ve studied wine lately!

I hope the gate of Japan will open for all of you and you will come back to my class this year!!! I pray everyday!!! Until we meet again, please take care of yourself!!! You don’t know how much I love you and miss you!!!

Have a fantastic new year with super yummy food and love!!!

sato:-) loves you and misses you so much!!!

First of all, thank you so much for your support and love. I can’t thank you enough. This year, unbelievable thing happened to all over the world and that confused us a lot. I prepared a lot for many new guests this year, however I had to accept so many cancellations. It was super-duper hard!!! Lol! But during that time, I’ve received so many beautiful messages from so many of you!!! OMG!!! You don’t know how much I was encouraged by you!!!! Besides, your messages have made me realized how much I have been loved and how much I love to cook with you guys!!! I hope that everything will be getting back as normal soon and all of you guys will be coming back to my class. I always pray!!!

Again, thank you so much for your love!!! May your life be always fulfilled with Happiness and Yummy food in 2021!!! Stay safe and love yourself!!! I love and miss you so much!!!

Massive love from sato:-) 2020:-)

The fees of comburger and time of the short trip are going to be changed from after March 16th 2020!

How’re you? I just want to let you know the fees of comburger are going to be changed due to the big renovation of my class!!! Please check in the following below!!!

Current fee/person To book after Mar, 16th 2020
Cooking + Meal (10:30AM-1PM / 6PM-8:30PM) 7850JPY 8650JPY
Optional tour after lunch 1PM-3:30PM 3980JPY 1PM-3PM
alcohol/person(beer or sake) 500JPY 500JPY

Thank you so much for your support and understanding!!!

Many many thanks


Dear all love

Dear all love

My class is opened as usual!!! I always welcome any of you! Please don’t panic! Wash your hands well, gargle and wear a mask in a crowd! Those are the things we all local Tokyo people often do in all year to protect ourselves from pollen, dust and cold(influenza). Those are not special things for us. Besides, there is so much fake news out there as well! Please calm down!!! Thank you! 

Always yours